Welcome back to The Hotrod Hayride - the Reunion Show!

Many of you have spent a lot of extra time recently working on your old cars and bikes alone in your garage probably being told by your better half that you should still self-isolate in there - even when everyone else had gone back to normal life… Now all your hard work can be admired, dribbled over or laughed at (depending on how drunk you were whilst in charge of power tools) at the much missed HOTROD HAYRIDE back with a bang at BISLEY NATIONAL SHOOTING CENTRE! (see what I did there?)

The nice folk who inhabit Bisleyland must have forgotten just how scruffy, noisy and colourful you lot are but it’s very kind of them to invite us back. Clearly they missed us.

I know you’ll be excited by the news so wear rubber pants or at least stand on some newspaper when you tell people all about it; the hot bands the cold beers, the lukewarm pies, the amazing cars, the mad bikes and the madder people… described as the best moving art show in the world… come and get your kicks, pre ’66!


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